2017 book No.1

14839524749961364721108In other news, I finished my January book last month! Book one of twelve, as part of my book a month aim.

Although a little dated now, this was still an interesting read. It has taken me many, many years (based on the receipt still in the cover!) to read this, but finally done. Tick!


2017 aims

I dislike new year ‘resolutions’ and the general January marketing whereby you are supposed to feel bad for all that terrible Christmas excess. The television is full of healthy eating and exercise ideas now. I digress, what I do like is self reflection, and having aims. These are my aims for this year;

  • Run more – do 5km runs, potential Autumn 10km race.
  • Read more – one book a month.
  • Crochet something.
  • Visit a new place.
  • Park run in a new place.

Now, my first book. One I bought in 2011 according to the receipt found in the pages, bring it on…


6 months

Six months in, and a new year. I like to reflect and a new year is always a good excuse for this.

Thinking back over the last half of 2016, since my son was born (the important half of the year!), it’s astounding. Since having a child, I feel like a different person. I’m stronger, and little things (and bigger things for that matter) which were important, no longer are. Becoming a parent certainly changes you; in a way it’s subtle and in others it’s like a fully blown rebirth of your own.

Anyway, I was thinking these months have been a true rollercoaster. There’s been some incredibly dark times, and I found certain parts very tough (sleep deprivation!). I feel like everything is going in the right direction at the moment, and enjoying my time with our little man. I remember thinking at three months that the struggle eased a bit, and again at four months. Things really got good at around five months when we started to get more consistent chunks of sleep (the stars aligned…). At six months he’s in his own room, which is a kind of freedom I didn’t know I was missing (and means I can turn my brain off and not listen to every sound, actually rest).

It’s been emotional (and I’m sure this will continue). The juxtaposition can be very striking; I remember having a very hard day, thinking it was the worst morning ever, then later my baby chuckled at something silly and it was suddenly the best day.

I’m thankful, and I want to make the most of the time I have at home with my baby before I return to work later in the year. I’m accutely aware that time goes too quickly! I’ve some aims for 2017, but for another time.